LEASE DEED FORMAT (Shop Rental Agreement)

LEASE DEED FORMAT (Shop Rental Agreement)



This deed of Lease made, entered into and executed at __________________ this ______ day of ____________ month, ________, and between _______________________________, son of _______________________________, Hindu, aged about ________ years, residing ________________________________________________, hereinafter called the “LESSOR’ which terms shall mean and include, wherever the context so admits, his heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives and assigns of the one part and _______________________________, son of _______________________________ aged about ________ years, residing at ________________________________________________, hereinafter called “LESSEE’ which terms shall mean and include wherever and whenever the context so admits, his heirs, executors, administrators legal representatives and assigns of the other part.


Whereas house, ground, and premises _______________________________________________, more particularly described in the schedule hereunder belongs to the Lessor herein.  And whereas the lessee approached the lessor for execution of a lease deed in his favour, one of the shops situated in the _______ floor of the said premises and which for the purpose of denomination has been numbered as Shop No______________________(Private Mark) offering to pay a sum of Rs. ________ /- (Rupees _______________________________________only) per month as rent without default for a period of __________ months (____ months) from ______ day of __________________ the lessor has agreed to the said offer made by the lessee.



  1. The period of lease shall be _______ months commencing from _____________ (dd-mm-yyyy) to ______________ (dd-mm-yyyy).
  2. The property leased is shop No________and shall be leased for a sum of Rs. ________/- (Rupees _______________________________________ only) per month exclusive of the payment of electricity and other charges.
  3. The lessee has paid a sum of Rs. ______________/- (Rupees ______________________________ only) as advance for the tenancy and the said sum is repayable or adjusted only at the end of the tenancy on the lease delivery vacant possession of the shop let out, subject to deductions, if any, lawfully and legally payable by the lessee under the terms of this lease deed and in law.
  4. The rent for every month shall be payable on or before _______ of the succeeding month.
  5. The lessee shall pay electricity charges to the Electricity Board every month without fail.
  6. The lessor or his agent shall have a right to inspect the shop at any hour during the day time.
  7. The Lessee shall use the shop let out duly for the business of General Merchandise and not use the same for any other purpose.  (The lessee shall not enter into partnership) and conduct the business in the premises in the name of the firm.  The lessee can only use the premises for his own business.
  8. The lessee shall not have any right to assign, sub-let, re-let, under-let or transfer the tenancy or any portion thereof.
  9. The lessee shall not carry out any addition or alteration to the shop without the previous consent and approval in writing of the lessor.  The lessor shall be entitled to all the benefits and improvements so made.
  10. . If necessary the lessee shall white wash and paint and carryout minor repair to the said shop let out at his own cost.  Any damages to the property should be corrected by lessee.
  11. . The lessee on the expiry of the lease period of _______ months shall hand over vacant possession of the ceased shop peacefully or the lease agreement can be renewed for a further period on mutually agreed terms.
  12. . The lessee shall pay the monthly rent and amenity charges and if default being committed in the payment of such rent, etc. even for a period of a single month or in default of any of the terms or conditions the lease shall come to an end. On such default the lessor shall have a right on entry and obtain delivery of vacant possession.
  13. . New lease agreements will be valid only after termination of this lease duly authorized by the lessor.
  14. . Upon determination of this Agreement, to dismantle, remove and take away all the items of work, things, articles, equipments, installations of the lease pursuant to the renovation work done by the Lessee on the said premises and hand over to the Lessor the said premises in good order and in the same layout, as far as possible, reasonable wear and tear, force majeure and unforeseen calamities excepted.
  15. . ________________________________________________________________________________
  16. ________________________________________________________________________________
  17. . It is hereby agreed that the tenancy shall be terminable by either party on giving _________ months notice.  The boundaries are given for the entire house.

In witness whereof the lessor and the lessee above named have here into set a subscribed their respective hands and names the day and year first above written in the presence of.

LESSOR                                                                                                          LESSEE

Signature:                                                                                                   Signature:

Date:                                                                                                                  Date:





11 thoughts on “LEASE DEED FORMAT (Shop Rental Agreement)

  1. I want to give my dukan(shop) for 11 month period on rent basis can you help me please………

  2. I am about let my shop for rent. Can provide my bank account number on agreement to diposit rent.

    1. Yes, of course you can mention the bank account number.

      Even better approach would be to have deposit cards issued for your bank account so that every time your tenants will deposit money using that card which will be linked to your bank account. This way you will avoid sharing your bank account numbers with your tenants.

  3. I want to take shop from local government department on lease for life, how I shall make such lease agreement. Please guide me…

  4. I am letting out a factory building. pls clarify the following :
    Stamp paper amount for lease agreement
    If the Lease agreement should be registered with Sub Registrar office
    Is the lease agreement always for 11 months. If I want to make lease agreement for 3 years. How should I do that

  5. I have made an rent agreement of shop on 23june 2016 for 11 months
    Now I want to cancel it , what is the procedure to cancel agreement

    1. Usually the cancellation terms would be specified in the initial agreement itself. Generally it is specified as that either parties should have notified other party in advance by 1 or 2 months for cancellation of the rental agreement.

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