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Mangal Dosha, Mars Dosha, Kuja Dosha, Manglik Dosha, Chevvai Dosham, Chovva Dosham in Vedic Astrology

Mangalik dosha is caused by Mars being 1, 4, 7, 8, or 12 house from Lagna or Moon or Venus. The Lagna represents physical body, the Moon represents Mind and Venus represents sexual relationship in the context of assessing marital bliss in a horoscope. Therefore, the houses mentioned have to be reckoned with reference to all the three viz. lagna, Moon, and Venus. The dosha is considered to be weak when it exists only from the lagna, a little stronger if it exists from the Moon, and still more powerful from Venus.

Mars is a cruel planet astrologically. Mars is a natural significator of Courage, Aggression, Violence, Property, Coborns to name a few. In terms of Marriage it acquires supreme importance as here it signifies Passion, the Husband, the Marital Knot, sex, etc. Moreover, the role of Mars in the generation of progeny cannot be underestimated.

Exceptions to Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha gets cancelled in some special conditions as defined below:

1. When Mars is in its own sign Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or in the houses owned by planets supposed to be his friends (Sun, Jupiter, Moon)

2. If Mars is in the 2nd house but in Gemini, Virgo

3. If Mars is in 12th house but in Taurus, Libra

4. If Mars is in 7th house but in Cancer,

5. If Mars is in 8th house but in Sagittarius, Pisces

6. For Cancer and Leo ascendant Mars is a yogakaraka wherever it may be no dosha at all.

7. For Aquarius ascendant Mars in the 4th/8th house then the manglik dosha gets cancelled.

8. If benefic Jupiter or Venus is in ascendant

9. If Mars is in conjunction or aspected by Jupiter or Moon

10. If Mars is in conjunction/aspected by Sun, Mercury, Saturn,

11. if Saturn aspects the houses owned by Mars

12. If Mars is in conjunction with Jupiter (Guru) or Sun (Suryan) or Sani

Remedies of Mars Dosha/Manglik Dosha/Chevvai Dosha

As per the Ancient Indian Astrology Kuja Dosham is considered an important aspect in marriage match making and compatibility. There is no hundred percentage cure for Kuja Dosha but to reduce the ill effects of kuja dosha in marriage people follow some ceremony called a kumbh vivah. Traditionally, best remedy for Kuja Dosha is to marry another "Manglik" (mangalik bride to marry mangalik groom).

Note: If any one wanted check about manglik dosh , kundli matching can get in touch with me.


Source: Mangal Dosha, Mars Dosha, Kuja Dosha, Manglik Dosha, Chevvai Dosham, Chovva Dosham in Vedic Astrology


6 thoughts on “Mangal Dosha, Mars Dosha, Kuja Dosha, Manglik Dosha, Chevvai Dosham, Chovva Dosham in Vedic Astrology

  1. i have chovva dosham in 8th place….and i’m in love with a guy who has no dosham….pls advise me if there’s any remedies for that.

    1. Neha,

      You may want to consider contacting a pandit/astrologer with yours and your lovers Janma kundali so that they can analyze all the aspects of your match astrologically. There are certain remedies to reduce the impact of this chovva dosham in case if it’s only for one person in a match.

      Hope this will help you.

  2. I want to know whether i hav chevvai dosh or not in my horoscope in which place etc.., my DOB is
    6-11-1987,time 4.40pm, latitude 10.516667, longitude76.216667, time zone +5.30 hrs

    1. Priya,

      Please note, I am not an astologer or a pundit to authentically answer your query. However, I am sharing my thoughts based on my knowledge, these are only informatory. You need to contact an astologer or a pundit to have it clarified.

      So you belong to Thrissur (

      Name Country Feature Latitude Longitude Dist. (km) Dist. (mi) Bearing Direction
      Thanniyam India Populated place 10.41667 76.13333 14.39 8.94 219° SW
      Thrissur India Populated place 10.51667 76.21667 0 0
      Urakam India Populated place 10.43333 76.21667 9.28 5.76 180° S
      Vadakāncheri India Populated place 10.66667 76.25 17.09 10.62 12° NNE

      According to Rasi-Body chakra, Mars is in the seventh house. Thus you have Kuja dosha. Below are the possible cases of exceptions please get it verified if you fall under any of them.

      According to Deva Keralam, there is Kuja dosha only if Kuja is in first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house.
      There are certain exceptions to this rule which are as under:
      (1) Mars is in exaltation, own house or friend’s house
      (2) Mars is in movable sign.
      (3) There is no Kuja dosha if Gemini or Virgo happens to be second house.
      (4) There is no Kuja dosha if Cancer or Capricorn happens to be seventh house.
      (5) There is no Kuja dosha if Taurus or Libra happens to be the 12th house.
      (6) There is no Kuja dosha for Cancer or Leo Ascendant as Mars is yoga karka for these Ascendants.
      (7) There is no Kuja dosha if Mars is in Cancer, Leo or Aquarius.
      (8) There is no Kuja dosha if Mars is in fourth or eighth house and Ascendant is Aquarius.

      Hope this helps you.

  3. is it true that there is no solution for chovva dosham girl to marry a shudha jadakam guy.
    actually my relation is in trouble because of this mismatching of kundli, my parents are not allowing me to marry a girl only because of this chovva dosham, please send me ur number so that i can talk to u personally

  4. my lover have chova dosham ..her dob is 11/1/97 and time 9.10 am cherthala..myself dob is 15/5/92 time 11.10 am place muvattupuzha ,kerala ..can we proced to marriage

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