US Visa Consulate process at Hyderabad


  • You need NOT carry the DS-160 complete form, just hold the confirmation page.
  • Consulate is located at exactly in the lane beside Pedestrian sky walker after NTR statue at Begumpet Police Lines bus stop.
  • There is no vehicle parking around the US Consulate office.
  • You’ll be allowed to get into the office premises only 15 mins before of your interview schedule.
  • Only Cell phones can be deposited at the VFS office located in the opposite building where ICICI bank is located
  • You’ll be asked to be in the queue in front at the consulate office building Outside gate
  • You need to show your Appointment Letter and Passport to the security managing the queue to get in
  • Outside gate Security person informs you about the queue you should go IN in the office for security checks
  • At the security checks you’ll be given a plastic tub
    • and need to put all items you are carrying
      • Belts
      • Coins
      • Chains
      • Gold Bangles (women)
      • Any metal items includes (Hair bands, etc)
      • Wallets
      • ID cards
      • Any documents/papers
    • and items that you can have with you are
      • Hand kerchief
      • Currency/Money (only notes but not coins)
      • Girls can retain their ear rings, non-gold bangles,
  • You can wear your belts, bangles after the security check and at outside of the security check room
  • Interview process involves visiting Three counters
    • Initial verification counter
    • Fingerprint scanning counter
    • Visa interview counter
  • From security check room you’ll walk through towards the counter entrance path
  • One of the person will verify your DS-160 and Visa fee receipt and inform you the first counter number to visit
  • After completion of the first counter visit, you’ll be directed to the Fingerprint scanning counter
  • After Fingerprint scanning counter, you’ll be given a token number and asked to be in a waiting lobby
  • According to your token number you’ll be asked to visit the interview counter
  • If interviewer is convinced, he will accept your visa request and will take your passport
  • Otherwise all your application documents will be given back including the HDFC bank fee receipt

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  1. Hi.. Just to let every one know.. There are two paid parkings for 2 wheelers near the embassy… I used this opportunity..

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