Vastu Shastra Tips For Home and House | Vastu For House Stucture | Vastu Shasta And Your House

A house is a collaboration of rooms with precisely defined entry and exit points. Now its alright that you have hired an architect to construct it. But keep in mind that your house would be the architect of your destiny in times to come. So lets just try a little vastu for house to ensure […]


Vastu Shastra For Bathroom | Vastu Shastra Toilet And Bathroom Location | Vastu Shastra Faridabad India

A bathroom is, hands down, one of the most important rooms in a pad. However, most people are completely ignorant of the intricate rules that govern this particular space. Putting in a humble amount of effort to rebuild a lavatory according to vastu for bathroom will reap several rewards for you, and may even make […]

AP Commissioner of Land Administration: Letters & Circulars

Letters and Circulars issued by Spl. Chief Secretary and Chief Commissioner of Land Administration,Reports,User Mannuals on Computerization of Land Records Government of Andhra Pradesh E-Governance in Revenue Department – Approach Paper Rationalization of Village Accounts – Main Report Rationalization of Village Accounts – Annexure 1 to 6 Rationalization of Village Accounts – Annexure 7 to […]

Department of Registrations & Stamps: CITIZEN’S CHARTER

CITIZEN’S CHARTER i) The Aim / Purpose of this charter: The Government is committed to translate the concept of giving to the people of Andhra Pradesh a Simple, Moral, Accountable, Reliable & Transparent (SMART) Administration. This charter is a step in this direction. Every year, the Charter will be reviewed in the month of January […]

Department of Registrations & Stamps: CARD

CARD is a catchy name given to the comprehensive project of computerizing one of the oldest wings of the Government "The Registration & Stamps Department". The project was originally conceived in August 1996 and implemented at two test sites in August / September, 1997. Judging the project by its initial success and the immense potential […]


We, at SBI, know that it is you – our customers – who have made us India’s most successful commercial bank. Our success depends on what you think of us. So, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments, do please write in, and we will get back to you. Online Complaints · CLICK HERE […]