Creating MAC OS X Bootable USB Setup

Format USB Drive with MAC OS X format:

  • Connect USB drive to MAC System: image
  • Launch Disk Utility from Applications:image
  • In Disk Utility > Select the newly inserted USB drive in left pane > Choose “Partition” Section
  • In “Partition Layout” Select “1 Partition” image
  • In “Partition Information” > Give it a Name, say “OS X Installer”
  • In Format Choose “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)”image image
  • Click on “Options…” and Select “GUID Partition Table”image
  • On confirmation prompt, click “Partition”image
  • Once successfully Partitioned, you’ll below screenimage
    Installing MAC OS X to USB drive:
    • Locate “Install Mac OS X Mountain” that you have downloaded from Apple Storeimage
    • Navigate to folder /Applications/Install Mac OS X Mountain image
    • Launch Disk Utility > Select the USB Drive “OS X Installer” > Select “Restore”
    • Drag and Drop “InstallESD.dmg“ to Source and Drag and Drop “OS X Installer” to Destination as shown belowimage
    • Click Restoreimage
    • Provide Administrator credentials to allow the operationimage
    • Bootable USB drive creation will continue and you’ll see the time estimates and  progress in the below of the screen.image
    • Once successfully created a USB bootable disk you’ll see below windowimage
    • Also, verify the amount disk space that is utilized by the installer on USB diskimage