Configuring Php and ASP.Net web pages on single IIS Web site

Requirement:  You have an IIS web server.  You want to host all Php as well as ASP.Net developed web pages from the same web server and further with the same site name.  Thus you end up need to configure both Php as well ASP.Net pages from the same IIS site.



This can be setup by ensuring below configuration for both of the technologies:

  • A Proper Handler Mapping
  • for *.aspx the respective handler will be auto configured
  • for *.php you need to ensure a proper handler is setup if you are installing it manually
  • Then you can set the Default document for the site to either default.aspx and or index.php
  • Now, the important factor to ensure is that the application Pool that is running your web site should be configured to run use Integrated for “Managed Pipeline mode: ” and choose the proper/latest version of .Net Framework version as shown below:                                                                                                                                          image
  • NO modifications to web.config file needed




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