Contact Indian Politicians: Know phone numbers and residential addresses of your MPs, MLAs, Ministers and Others

Foreword: This article is only for the purpose of sharing information and bringing awareness in Indian Public regarding how to know the contact details of their people representatives.

Contact Indian Politicians:

In India, people get to see and talk to their politicians only during election campaigns and mostly never after that because we don’t know their contact information.  This is an attempt to guide public how to know their Politicians and People Representatives authoritative contact details including phone numbers and residential addresses of MLA’s, MP’s and Other Ministers of both who are current ruling and the Ex-ruled.

How to Know Contact Details phone numbers and residential addresses of your MPs, MLAs, Ministers and Others:

Fortunately Government of India (GOI) has made this valuable information available to all of Indians via the Election Commission of India (ECI).  There would be no other place than this to know the authoritative details of all Indian Politicians who has contested in Elections to become the politician.  The information provided there includes a complete affidavit of the candidate with all the valuable information including their permanent address, phone and email addresses, assets they are holding including Vehicles they own, properties they bought, overall family assets worth and a lot more.  Should you anytime need to know about your MPs, MLAs, Ministers and Others, please access the EC website for candidate affidavit as shown in next section.

For example say I want to know contact details of BJP candidate contested from Visakhapatnam City.

Knowing Contact Details:

  • Goto Election Commission Of India websiteimage
  • Click on RTI link show in the bottom section and it’ll open a new websiteimage
  • Click on the “Affidavits” section on the left paneimage
  • Then you’ll on the Affidavit Archive Site of the ECI. image
  • Make appropriate selection of Parliamentry Election (if you are looking to find your MPs details) or Assembly Election (if you are looking to find your MLAs detais) .  As in this example I want to know about Bangalore BJP MLA candidate, I’ll chose Assembly Election here.
  • Then Select your state from the dropdown list which will give you a complete list of image
  • Then I search for Visakhapatnam to get the respective listimage
  • On the page you can see the BJP Candidate was KAMBHAMPATI HARI BABUimage
  • When you click on the name, his affidavit file will be downloaded in .zip format.image
  • When you extract and open the file, it will contain a PDF file
  • When you open it you’ll the see the actual affidavit filed by the candidate image
  • As highlighted above in PART-A of the affidavit candidate will mention his residential address and the contact details including Phone number, email address, facebook ID and twitter ID as well.

I hope this article helps in bridging the communication between the Public of India and their representatives.

You can also refer to other online resources which readily gives this information:

Disclaimer:  The information provided here is only for informational purpose and author of this article, in any way, is not responsible for any misuse/unintended use of the information provided here


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