Fix: Wi-Fi network reported as “Not in Range” all off sudden


You may be using a Samsung Tablet which used to connect to your Wi-Fi network just fine. All of sudden it starts reporting that your Wi-Fi network is “Not in Range” while other devices are able to connect to that same Wi-Fi just fine. There were no changes to your Wi-Fi device or its setting that you have done. There are also no network level setting changes on the tablet device as well. At the same time the tablet device is able to scan other networks near by. But fails to locate your network though you are just next to your Wi-Fi router.


To fix this sudden and nagging issue, follow below steps:

  • Logon to your Wi-Fi setup page
  • Navigate to Wireless Setup > Security Options
  • Change your encryption method from AES => TKIP+AES as shown belowimage

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