FIX: Intel HD Graphics card fails to display on Television screen using HDMI connectivity


You are running a laptop/desktop that possessing the default Intel HD Graphics Card and would like to have the screen projected on to your Television screen using the HDMI cable. However, when you make HDMI connection from your laptop to Television, you’ll only find that your laptop screen goes blank or becomes black. On your television “No Signal” is reported.


On your laptop/desktop, you must have been running the laptop/desktop vendor provided version of Intel Graphics Card drivers.  These vendor customized drivers will result in No Signal status on your Television.



Use below steps which shall fix issue irrespective to the type of laptop/desktop, Intel Graphics card and or television size & its resolutions.

  • Uninstall the vendor specific display drivers for your Intel Graphics card
  • Restart your system, during which Windows will install/fall back to Generic Intel Graphics card drivers
  • Now connect your Television to your laptop/desktop using HDMI cable
  • From the Intel Graphics Options > Output to > choose Extend to the Television resulting in Built-in Display + Television configuration
  • Now navigate through Intel Graphics Options > Resolutions > Select Television > Select the high available resolution from the list

That’s all. You’ll have your laptop/desktop Screen extended to to your Television screen.


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