Windows 10 – USB Plug and Play Keyboard and Mouse devices does not work– error reads “USB Device was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match.”

Scenario: On Windows 10 x64 bit system, upon installation of Feb 2018 Windows Updates,  USB Plug and Play devices like Keyboard and Mouse does not work or stops working When you plug in any USB keyboard or mouse, you hear the notification beeps sounds twice which indicates that its connected and then disconnected immediately.  Multiple restart attempts as well doesn’t help   Troubleshooting: In device manager, you’ll find all the USB Plug and Play devices like Keyboard and Mouse are listed under Other Devices indicating that these devices do not have any drivers installed You don’t have any option to […]

Windows Fails to connect to Bluetooth Speaker with error – That didn’t work. Try again, and make sure your mouse is still discoverable and Couldn’t Connect

Scenario: On Windows 10 System, you pair a Bluetooth wireless speaker (say SoundBot SB571) successfully. However, your system fails to connect to your Bluetooth wireless speaker.  It gives below Error messages: In System Settings console:  That didn’t work. Try again, and make sure your mouse is still discoverable. From the Action Center: Couldn’t Connect You were able to connect to the same Bluetooth speaker in the past from the same Windows 10 System.  You’ll  also able to connect the Bluetooth speaker using other Windows 10 system or Mobile devices and it still works just fine.  It only that your Windows […]

Customize default behavior of New Session launch in WinSCP

Requirements: Using WinSCP, you have navigated to a folder that has a lot many sub-folders to list.  WinSCP doesn’t respond until it completes the enumeration of all the sub-folders. This forces you to terminate/close the WinSCP program.  The trouble returns when you launch the WinSCP program as it again starts in the same folder where it was closed before and again becomes unresponsive. This is the default behavior of WinSCP and it doesn’t leave you with any other option then to just wait for WinSCP to complete the  sub-folders enumeration. Its a common practice that many website owners opt for […]