Compare Earnings of Jewellers Gold Saving Scheme vs Bank Fixed Deposit

Nowadays, almost all of the corporate Jewellers offers and recommends/requests you to join their Savings Schemes.  They major sell the scheme on the point of “Wastage Waiver” on your next Jewellery purchase in that scheme.  Here are some of the details that I gathered about these schemes and a quick math of comparison with that of earnings with a bank fixed deposit. For the explanation, I’ve chosen GRT Golden Eleven Plan.  Below is a quick overview with an example of how this scheme really helps the customers. Paying a monthly installment for 11 months After the completion of 11 months, […]

AxisBank NEFT Online Power Transfer Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Power Transfer – NEFT Online Axis bank Limited (AXISB) does not give any guarantee or make a warranty and makes no representation about any superior quality attached to the AXISB Power Transfer Facility. This is a facility provided by AXISB for transfer of funds in good faith on the presumption that it will work if the parameters are met. The customer agrees and acknowledges that AXISB shall not be liable and shall in no way be held responsible for any damages whatsoever, whether such damages are direct, indirect, incidental or consequential and irrespective of whether any […]

Calculating your Old Gold Jewellery Value

Its quite possible that you have old gold Jewellery that you would either like to sell back to the Jeweller or have it exchanged for newer Jewellery.  Below are the norms used in valuation of any old gold Jewellery by the jewellers.   BIS Hallmark’ed OLD Gold Jewellery: In case of the BIS Hallmark gold Jewellery, you’ll get the full value of your gold at the prevailing market prices on that day.  There will be no depreciation of the gold purity in case of BIS Hallmark. Also, as you pay VA (wastage charges)  during the initial purchase of your Jewellery […]