Self Care Basic Health checks and expected values

It is possible that you can treat some of illnesses like fever, cold, cough, headache, body pains, etc  at your home if you have appropriate medical tools and basic medicinal knowledge.  This is the article detailing identifying some of these illnesses their symptoms and using appropriate medical tools and medicines for self care or as […]

Common Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment for Continuous Hiccups or Slight Burps

Some people suffer with  Continuous/chronic Hiccups or Slight Burps.  Here are some of the common causes, diagnosis and treatment for Continuous/chronic Hiccups or Slight Burps. Common Causes for Continuous/chronic Hiccups or Slight Burps: Exposure to cold Lower Potassium levels in Blood Unusual Dehydration Underlying issues in Liver and Lungs Extreme Stress (usually common in women) […]

Undergoing Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Take consultation, doctor opinion, Requirement/complexity of the RCT and price accordingly.  In case of diabetes, you need to provide latest Blood Sugar reports from laboratory testing (instead of self test using machines).  This is required since RCT involves Anesthesia injection to the person and can be affected with varying sugar levels.   After first sitting, […]

Government ENT Hospital, Koti, Hyderabad

Hospital is located just in front of the Bus stop after State Bank Of India Head Office Bldg. Out Patient Registration: 8:30 AM to 11 AM (its not updated in below board) There is a separate registration counter for AarogyaSri card holders. Once registered, you can directly go to the counter number #20. Ear specialists […]