How to enable/restore/bring back Intel Graphics "Output to" Option

Scenario: While working on redirecting display to other screens, televisions, monitors you notice that there is NO option shown to manage the Output of your graphics card.  The “Output to” option usually gets disappeared or missing when you set it first time to Duplicate screen on your Television using HDMI. Or such similar settings. Solution: To bring back, restore or enable the Output to option, you need to use special key combination that is “Win + P”.  Which will give you options to control/manage/redirect your graphics output.

FIX: Intel HD Graphics card fails to display on Television screen using HDMI connectivity

Scenario: You are running a laptop/desktop that possessing the default Intel HD Graphics Card and would like to have the screen projected on to your Television screen using the HDMI cable. However, when you make HDMI connection from your laptop to Television, you’ll only find that your laptop screen goes blank or becomes black. On your television “No Signal” is reported. Cause: On your laptop/desktop, you must have been running the laptop/desktop vendor provided version of Intel Graphics Card drivers.  These vendor customized drivers will result in No Signal status on your Television.   FIX: Use below steps which shall […]

Excel Formula to calculate Number Of Days in a Month

Requirements: You want to build a calculator sheet that requires you to input number of days in a given month. Solution: Excel doesn’t have any built-in function to return the number of days in a month.  I’ve learned below two formulas that does the job. Both of them requires a date input and will return the number of days in the month that date belongs to. Hopefully this may come handy for you. =DAY(EOMONTH(B5,0)) =DAY(DATE(YEAR(B5),MONTH(B5)+1,1)-1)   A Sample table to display number of days in all months of this year 2016.   References: Number-of-Days-Calculator: Days-Calculator.xlsx