FIX: Active Directory Replication errors: The RPC server is unavailable. Or The target principal name is incorrect. Or The Kerberos client received a KRB_AP_ERR_MODIFIED error.

Scenario: One of your Site Domain Controller went Out-of-Sync (unable to communicate) for 10-15 days with your PDC.  When you attempt to make replication from that server to the PDC, you’ll end receiving below error messages: REPADMIN /SHOWREPS, results in error “The target principal name is incorrect.” as shown below: C:\>REPADMIN /SHOWREPSHYD-Network\INDHYD-DC02DSA Options: IS_GCSite Options: […]

FIX: DNS Manager fails with error: Access was denied.

Scenario: When you launch DNS Manager console application on your local site Domain Controller server, it will result in below error message.  You notice this behaviour when your domain controller hasn’t communicated with your PDC for a long while (say for 10-15 days), you have your server restarted during this time. During this issue its […]

Fix: The following Domain Controller could not be contacted – A local error has occurred.

Scenario: You attempt to launch the Active Directory Management Console – Active Directory Domains and Trusts, on your domain controller in a different AD site,  you’ll be notified with the below error: —————————Active Directory Domain Services————————— The following Domain Controller could not be contacted: USA-DC01.mylab.lan. A local error has occurred. —————————OK—————————   Fix: If your […]

Upgrading OEM Licensed Domain Joined Windows 7 System to Windows 10

Scenario: You want to Freely upgrade your existing Windows system to the latest Windows 10 version. Your systems specifications are: Running Windows 7 SP1 x64 bit OS Windows 7 is OEM licensed. That is, you got your Windows 7 pre-installed and licensed/activate by the laptop manufacture vendor itself.  You don’t have the Windows 7 activation […]

SAML and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Integration Errors, Events, Possible causes and Fixes

While working on setting up SAML communication with ADFS server/services, you’ll come across various errors on the browser, error events on backend ADFS server and also on the web server that is sending the SAML requests to the ADFS server.  This article is to have most common errors, events and their possible causes and fixes. […]

Naming Active Directory Forest Root Domain and Sub Domains in Windows Server 2008 R2

When you are designing or re-structuring your Active Directory Infrastructure, you’ll have to decide upon choosing appropriate naming so as to span your Active Directory Infrastructure for your future. Naming Active Directory Forest Root Domain and Sub Domains Minimum number of characters length for naming a AD Forest Root Domain is 1 characters and it […]