From Windows, how to remotely force logoff users on MAC OS X Systems (and/or) how to remotely find a process running as a given user and kill it on Unix systems

Have Cygwin Installed on your Windows System  to run any of your Unix commands.  Or you can directly run these commands from any of the Unix based systems Launch Cygwin shell command prompt. On Unix based system launch the terminal that runs the Bash Shell We use SSH to remotely execute the commands on Unix […]

Automate command execution on MAC OS X/Unix Systems from Windows Systems remotely via SSH without prompting for Password everytime

It’s a fairly simple procedure to have auto SSH enabled to any of SSH supported system.  It all needs the system to have Public & Private RSA keys generated and configured between the hosting and connecting system.   On the System to which you want to SSH, you need to run through below sequence of […]

Converting USB drive into VMDK (Virtual Hard disk) to attach it as a HDD for Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

As the latest OSes support creating bootable installers out of USB sticks, it now has come a usual case to convert these bootable USB drives into Virtual Hard disks so that you could attach them as bootable disks for installing OSes on virtual environment.  In this example, I’ll providing the steps for setting up this […]

VoiceOver as a tool to Debugging MAC OS X Systems

I’ve found it very interesting the use of Voiceover feature as a Debugging element in MAC OS X so that we get to know where we are and what can be done from current point of presence on a MAC OS X.    To enable VoiceOver feature on, use Command+F5 combination (if you are VNC’ing […]

Upgrading MAC OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63b) to Mountain Lion 10.8.4 (12E55)

Locate the “Install OS X Mountain” and Launch it Click on Agree for EULA acceptance after reading the complete EULA Response Agree to confirm prompt Installer will present you with the disk details on which it’s going to install the MAC, verify and then click “Install” Authenticate this operation as an administrator user You’ll […]