Implementing URL Redirection using NetScaler Responder Feature

Requirement: You are migrating a web solution from old setup/server to a new setup/server, you will be publishing a new URL to access the solution from the new setup/server.  You want to automatically redirect any attempts to access through the old URL to the new URL.  You want users to see the OLD URL in […]


Implementing Desktop Theme Look and Feel for XenApp 6.5 Applications on Windows Server 2008 R2

Its is very common requirement for Application Service Providers who host customer applications on their XenApp infrastructure as a cloud solution. It’s very often your customers request you to enable a Windows desktop (in particular Windows 7) theme (look and feel for Window frames). Here are quick steps to achieve this requirement using Citrix Enhanced […]

Increase the number of vCPUs/Cores for Windows Desktop VM in XenDesktop

Scenario: You want to setup a XenDesktop environment hosting VMs with Windows Desktop OS for running graphical rich/intense applications. You are running XenServer and Windows 7.  You want to equip the Windows 7 VMs with 4 or more vCPUs to support the high end graphical loads. Issue: By default Windows desktop operating systems supports only […]

Troubleshooting XenDesktop Session connectivity error | The connection to "" failed with status (1030).

Error: —————————Desktop Viewer—————————The connection to “Windows7” failed with status (1030).—————————OK—————————   Environemnt: HTTPS web site serving external users. With Public cert from GoDaddy. NetScalar 10.1 Dedicated StoreFront server with HTML5 WebSockets support XenDesktop 7.6 XenServer 6.2 Provisioning Method: Machine Creation Services Windows 7 SP1 x64 bit Desktop VM Windows Activation using KMS Non-Persistent Static VMS […]

Troubleshooting XenDesktop | Desktop Viewer Hangs on Connecting…

Scenario: When you launch a XenDesktop session, it hangs on “Connecting…” status forever.  This occurs only to a particular user whiles other users are able to get the XenDesktop sessions from same delivery group. Environment: Using XenDesktop 7.5 User Receiver version Using MCS XenServer 6.2 for VMs Hypervisor in a Pool with HA enabled […]

Evaluating Web Filter Appliances

Evaluating Web Filter Appliances Most of the enterprises would fall in need to enforcing restrictions and controlled access to internet for their users.  Establishing such a compliance among distributed users community in an enterprise requires a comprehensive solution.  Here am going to detail on various aspects to be considered for evaluating Web Filter Appliances for […]

Compreshensive list of Citrix Ports and Utility to test their status

Its very often requirement, while configuring or troubleshooting Citrix technologies w.r.t network access and issues, to know the ports that are being used by respective Citrix technology.  Here is a Compreshensive list of Citrix Ports and Utility to test their status. Compreshensive list of Citrix Ports 1.       ICA#1494< ?xml:namespace prefix = "o" /> 2.       RDP#3389 […]