Unable to detach SQL database: "The database is in single-user mode, and a user is currently connected to it."

Scenario:   When you attempt to Detach a SQL database, you may possibly end up encountering an error message as below: C:\>SQLCMD.EXE -U sa -P P@ssword -S TESTDBSRV01\APPDB01 -i “C:\Detach-APP-DB.sql”Msg 5064, Level 16, State 1, Server TESTDBSRV01\APPDB01, Line 1Changes to the state or options of database ‘APPDB01’ cannot be made at this time. The database […]

Implementing Desktop Theme Look and Feel for XenApp 6.5 Applications on Windows Server 2008 R2

Its is very common requirement for Application Service Providers who host customer applications on their XenApp infrastructure as a cloud solution. It’s very often your customers request you to enable a Windows desktop (in particular Windows 7) theme (look and feel for Window frames). Here are quick steps to achieve this requirement using Citrix Enhanced […]

Move WordPress Blog from AWS Instance to GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

Here are the steps to move your WordPress blog website setup off from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Windows Server 2012 instance to GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting.   Amazon Web Services (AWS) Windows Server 2012 instance: Backup your WordPress IIS Web Folder Backup your WordPress MySQL DB using Export to Dump Project Folder (recommended if you […]

SQL Programming: Saving/Listing each row in a SQL SELECT query results set

While debugging various enterprise management software’s that ship with a data hosted on SQL database, systems engineers requires to run various SQL queries to get the underlying information. While debugging the results returned from the query, one need to be able to observer each row returned by the SQL query. Here is quick way to […]

SQL Programming: Convert UTC Time to Local Time

Most of todays enterprise software’s get data gathered from workstations located various parts of the world that run in different time zones. To ensure the data integrity and proper processing of events/information, software’s rely on saving the date  data in UTC and then convert them at run time for reporting. When you have to run […]

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) Reporting: SQL Stored Procedure to Generate Monthly Reports

It’s the security officers responsibility to overview the firm’s infrastructure risk exposure and trends in real time. Unfortunately, none of the industry leading security products has a feature to create a consolidated risk report that can help the top security officers to review and keep track with risk events. As I’ve great exposure into SEP […]