FIX: Arrow Keys Navigation does NOT work in Excel

Issue: The arrow keys navigation does not work in Excel application on your system. The same arrow keys navigation just works fine in other applications. Solution: You probably have the Scroll Lock special key pressed/enabled on your keyboard which causes this behaviour.  To fix click on Scroll Lock special key to release/unlock/disable it. The Scroll […]


Fix: Microsoft Office Icons Missing or Replaced with Generic white icons

Scenario: All of sudden you notice that your Microsoft Office Icons are Missing or Replaced with Generic white icons.  You perform Icon cache Rebuild but still issue remains.  Cause: The Office installer places all Office applications Icons in the Windows installer folder.  When this folder becomes missing or unavailable, then Office applications loose icons to […]

Windows 10 does NOT shutdown or Hibernates after upgrade from Windows 7

Scenario: You have upgraded your Windows 7 system to Windows 10 and since the upgrade you notice that your system does not actually shutdown or hibernate. However, the system Restart and Sleep functions works just fine. Checking in the eventlogs, you notice below messages: Log Name:      SystemSource:        volmgrDate:          5/25/2016 4:54:46 PMEvent ID:      45Task Category: NoneLevel:         […]

Uninstalling HP ProtectTools Security Manager and DigitalPersona Pro

Scenario: You are upgrading your HP ProBook laptop running Windows 7 to Windows 10 to avail the Free Windows 10 upgrade feature. During the Windows 10, install you’ll be prompted to uninstall both “HP ProtectTools Security Manager” and “DigitalPersona Pro” software as they found to be incompatible with Windows 10.  However, when you attempt to […]

Upgrading OEM Licensed Domain Joined Windows 7 System to Windows 10

Scenario: You want to Freely upgrade your existing Windows system to the latest Windows 10 version. Your systems specifications are: Running Windows 7 SP1 x64 bit OS Windows 7 is OEM licensed. That is, you got your Windows 7 pre-installed and licensed/activate by the laptop manufacture vendor itself.  You don’t have the Windows 7 activation […]

How to enable/restore/bring back Intel Graphics "Output to" Option

Scenario: While working on redirecting display to other screens, televisions, monitors you notice that there is NO option shown to manage the Output of your graphics card.  The “Output to” option usually gets disappeared or missing when you set it first time to Duplicate screen on your Television using HDMI. Or such similar settings. Solution: […]

FIX: Intel HD Graphics card fails to display on Television screen using HDMI connectivity

Scenario: You are running a laptop/desktop that possessing the default Intel HD Graphics Card and would like to have the screen projected on to your Television screen using the HDMI cable. However, when you make HDMI connection from your laptop to Television, you’ll only find that your laptop screen goes blank or becomes black. On […]