Setting up BackTrack (BT)

Install the BT using the mounted .iso or bootable disk The BT4 doesn’t ask you for username/passwd during the install, rather by default creates root user with password toor. Once BT is installed, login as  root user and reset password ‘sudo passwd root’ use startx toget into the Xterminal session. For detailed steps along with screenshots refer to backtrack-hard-drive-install and for a recorded video demonstration refer to install-backtrack-hard-disk Once you have BT up and running, you can enable the network connectivity by running /etc/init.d/networking start command.  For more details refer to If you need to copy any data to […]


How to: Investigate Virus Activites on Windows

Common signs of Viruses: Unusual messages may appear on your screen. Decreased system performance. Missing data. Inability to access your hard drive. Steps to identify the Viruses: Isolate/disconnect the machine from the network. Check/kill for the unusual processes. Use process explorer, task manager, etc,. Check/delete for any new users’ added in administrator (or) power user groups. Check/delete for any new unusual files created. files like .exe, .bat, .tmp, completely in hex code, etc,. in folders like %Systemdrive%, %WinDir%system32, %ProgramFiles%, %WinDir%system32Drivers, %Systemdrive%Recycler, etc,. Sort the files by date created or modified. Check/delete any extra keys created in below startup registry paths. […]