Software to test your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) OpenGL, OpenCL, CUDA and their Sharing capabilities

Geeks3D’s softwares All the following softwares are active projects and are regularly updated. GLSL Hacker GLSL Hacker is a demotool for pixel hacking with GLSL, Lua and Python under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It takes its roots from GeeXLab. – GLSL Hacker homepage – Latest version – All GLSL Hacker related news GPUTest GPUTest is a suite of cross-platform OpenGL benchmarks for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. – GPUTest homepage – Latest version GeeXLab GeeXLab is a demotool for quick coding and prototyping of real time 3D scenes using XML, Lua, Python and GLSL. – GeeXLab homepage […]


Tools for Assessing/Choosing hardware for a Virtualization Host/Server

Refer to Dell Virtualization Advisor, choose the options/features that you’d need and then you’ll be presented with a suitable server hardware for your requirements.    Use Intel Processor Comparison and List of Intel Xeon microprocessors  to find the exact details about the processor that is being described in the server model.   Use VMWare vSphere: Cloud Infrastructure Purchase Advisor

Transcend AutoFormat Tool

Introduction When your computer or camera says you need to format your memory card but your computer is unable to do so, it doesn’t necessarily mean your card’s life has come to an end. All you have to do is download and install Transcend’s AutoFormat Tool*, which features a user-friendly interface and offers the most effective way to reformat and recover format error data on your SD, CF or MMC memory cards**. . *Note : The formatting procedure will delete all data on the media.     System Requirements Windows® XP/2000/Vista/7     Installation Steps 1. Select the partition you […]