Reliance 2G network dead slow, tested in Hyderabad.

I’ve been using Airtel 2G and recently wanted to try the Reliance 2G.  I found that Reliance 2G network is dead slow in Hyderabad (Somajiguda/Hitech City).  With Reliance even Google Play, Youtube, Facebook and What’sApp were struggling to load and most of the times kept reporting “Connection time out” I’ve reported the slowness to Reliance […]


Make SD card as the default location for Application installs on Android Devices

Many of the early/older Mobiles that shipped the Android initial versions were released with the minimal amount RAM/Phone Storage (around 252 MB and 512 MB) which is often very low for latest applications on the Android as they keep getting updated and growing in size.  To address this issue for such device users, the only […]

Migrate Contacts from Samsung Galaxy Android Devices to other Android Devices

If you have contacts saved in a format where you have multiple numbers under same contact with custom label (see below) on Galaxy Android devices, when you try to export the contacts either to .VCF or .CSV the custom labels are being represented with default Phone number#[1…n] which makes you to loose the custom names […]

Generic Desktop PC Suite for Android Mobiles

  Wondershare MobileGo for Android: No .CSV format import:  Supported are listed below     Moborobo: Imports and exports only .VCF files   MOBILedit! Startup Executable: Supports .CSV import   iStonsoft Android File Manager: No name specific details for a multiple numbers for a single contact < p>

Fix: Android OS: “No available device administrators” and “Phone not listed/appearing in Android Device Manager”

Error: You notice that on your Android Mobile > Settings > Security > DEVICE ADMINISTRATION > Device Administrator > “No available device administrators”   Cause: This expected on a new Android device as it may not have the latest updates that include “Android Device Manager”  -OR- You have got your Phone Erased/Wiped-Off and/or Done a […]

Upgrading Android OS on Samsung Phone/Mobile Devices

Important note before starting any of the below actions: When you re-install OS on your mobile devices, you’ll loose the warranty for your device when you run below steps you’ll loose all of your apps, data, etc., from your device.  You need to the make sure backing up your data well before   Upgrading Android […]