Configuring On-Premise Linux Postfix SMTP Relay Server to Communicate with Office 365 SMTP Relay for email delivery

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Scenario:   You have various automation and reporting solutions setup that use an On-Premise Linux Postfix SMTP Servers and relays all the automated email through your On-Premise Exchange server.  You are migrating your Microsoft Exchange from On-Premise Exchange server to Office 365.  You may even be considering acquiring MS Office 365 Monitoring software as well. But before that you are required to configure all your On-Premise Linux Postfix SMTP Servers to communicate with Office 365 Exchange online for email delivery.   Solution:   To simplify your implementation of migration to Office 365, the most elegant method to support your On-Premise […]


Fix: Wi-Fi network reported as “Not in Range” all off sudden

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Scenario: You may be using a Samsung Tablet which used to connect to your Wi-Fi network just fine. All of sudden it starts reporting that your Wi-Fi network is “Not in Range” while other devices are able to connect to that same Wi-Fi just fine. There were no changes to your Wi-Fi device or its setting that you have done. There are also no network level setting changes on the tablet device as well. At the same time the tablet device is able to scan other networks near by. But fails to locate your network though you are just next […]


Implementing URL Redirection using NetScaler Responder Feature

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Requirement: You are migrating a web solution from old setup/server to a new setup/server, you will be publishing a new URL to access the solution from the new setup/server.  You want to automatically redirect any attempts to access through the old URL to the new URL.  You want users to see the OLD URL in the browser changed over to the NEW URL. Its also, often a requirement in case of company merges where the purchased company want all access attempts to bought company web site to be redirected to the new company URL.  Its also a requirement in case […]