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Exchange Outlook mail with any webmail

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Choose a webmail service provider considering features you need like below free service unlimited space virus scanning no account deactivation (or the long intervals) higher  attachment size and no .exe attachment filtering support for all mail protocols like IMAPI and POP3 integration with IM clients spam and ads free I found AOL mail meets best of all the above considerations Enable the IMAPI mail communication in your webmail Create new account in Outlook with IMAPI to communicate with your webmail servers Ensure Outlook is running in Online (not offline) mode Once your new connection in Outlook passes through test connection, […]


How to: Investigate Virus Activites on Windows

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Common signs of Viruses: Unusual messages may appear on your screen. Decreased system performance. Missing data. Inability to access your hard drive. Steps to identify the Viruses: Isolate/disconnect the machine from the network. Check/kill for the unusual processes. Use process explorer, task manager, etc,. Check/delete for any new users’ added in administrator (or) power user groups. Check/delete for any new unusual files created. files like .exe, .bat, .tmp, completely in hex code, etc,. in folders like %Systemdrive%, %WinDir%system32, %ProgramFiles%, %WinDir%system32Drivers, %Systemdrive%Recycler, etc,. Sort the files by date created or modified. Check/delete any extra keys created in below startup registry paths. […]