How to treat/cure/handle, Gangrene accompanied with Cellulitis in Diabetic Patients

Gangrene is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that arises when a considerable mass of body tissue dies (necrosis).[1][2] This may occur after an injury or infection, or in people suffering from any chronic health problem affecting blood circulation.[2] The primary cause of gangrene is reduced blood supply to the affected tissues, which results in cell death.[3] Diabetes and long-term smoking increase the risk of suffering from gangrene. Gangrene is a medical term used to describe the death of an area of the body. It develops when the blood supply is cut off to the affected part as a result […]

Human Digestion Process

  The whole digestive system is around 9 meters long. In a healthy human adult this process can take between 24 and 72 hours. Food digestion physiology varies between individuals and upon other factors such as the characteristics of the food and size of the meal.[16] [edit] Phases of gastric secretion Cephalic phase – This phase occurs before food enters the stomach and involves preparation of the body for eating and digestion. Sight and thought stimulate the cerebral cortex. Taste and smell stimulus is sent to the hypothalamus and medulla oblongata. After this it is routed through the vagus nerve […]

Samsung 32 Inch LED TV 4, 5, 6 Series Comparision

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