Visual Basic Script | Software Inventory | List and Generate a .CSV report file of all installed software on Windows Local System

Its a usual task for any of Windows Systems administrator to generate an inventory of Software installed on a Windows System.  In most of the enterprises there would be various enterprise Inventory software employed for this purpose.  But still if you wan to generate a quick ( and up-to-date) list from any Windows System, you can use below script that I modified to save the output/report to a .CSV file in the current working directory. VBScript to List All Installed Software | VBScript for Windows Software Inventory: Reference: Microsoft Script Center | List All Installed Software

Accessing 64bit registry keys via 32bit scripting languages

Accessing 64bit registry keys via 32bit scripting languages: This is a very often requirement since the evolution of 64bit platforms.  By default, an application or script receives data from the corresponding provider when two versions of providers exist. The 32-bit provider returns data to a 32-bit application, including all scripts, and the 64-bit provider returns data to the 64-bit compiled applications. However, an application or script can request data from the nondefault provider, if it exists, by notifying WMI through flags on method calls. Context Flags The __ProviderArchitecture and __RequiredArchitecture string flags have a set of values handled by WMI […]