Procedure to extend Windows System Partition with non-adjacent or non-contiguous unallocated Free space

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Scenario:  You have a single physical disk having System Partition, Data  Partition and some unallocated free space at the end.  Your System Partition gets filled and you want to extend it by adding the free unallocated space available on the same physical disk. Windows Disk Management tool doesn’t enable the “Extend Volume” option (i.e., “Extend Volume” option is greyed out as shown below) This behavior remains same irrespective of Unallocated space is just RAW of Formatted as FAT32/NTFS volume.                      Cause: In order to be able to extend a volume, the Unallocated free space must be on the same disk, […]


Implementing Desktop Theme Look and Feel for XenApp 6.5 Applications on Windows Server 2008 R2

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Its is very common requirement for Application Service Providers who host customer applications on their XenApp infrastructure as a cloud solution. It’s very often your customers request you to enable a Windows desktop (in particular Windows 7) theme (look and feel for Window frames). Here are quick steps to achieve this requirement using Citrix Enhanced Desktop Component: Enable Citrix Enhanced Desktop: Citrix Enhanced Desktop is a component which is installed by default with the XenApp Server role installation.  To enable Citrix Enhanced Desktop component for your users manually in case of restricted environments by temporarily disabling the restrictions: login to […]


Step-By-Step Screencast of Installing Windows Server 2012 R2

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Download the Source ISO, here I used MSDN download “Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64) – DVD (English) ” and respective Product keys to move on with the installation. Installing Windows Server 2012 R2 Boot the system with the Windows Server 2012 R2 bootable disk. If you are running your system in virtual environments have the downloaded ISO attached as the CD disk. Choose the Language, Time & Currency and Keyboard layout and then Click Next Click  “Install Now”   button             Key-in your “Product key to activate Windows” either purchased or eval, without the product key installation doesn’t move any further & […]