Setting up NetScaler lab environment from the scratch

Environment: You have existing Dev QA lab networked with ( IP addressing.  Your Dev QA network has access to public internet and it runs the Firewall that is going to be your Default Gateway both of your labs. You want to setup a NetScaler lab environment for your client systems in and allow […]


CloudDNS | A free provider for hosting your DNS zones in cloud

For a very small website owners, or for bloggers owing their couple VMs (in cloud spaces) hosting their websites, it a usual need to have a DNS zone setup for external/public access to their resources.  Most folks adopt for domain name/hosting providers who also service the DNS name resolutions/redirections at an extra annual charge.  It […]

Evaluating Web Filter Appliances

Evaluating Web Filter Appliances Most of the enterprises would fall in need to enforcing restrictions and controlled access to internet for their users.  Establishing such a compliance among distributed users community in an enterprise requires a comprehensive solution.  Here am going to detail on various aspects to be considered for evaluating Web Filter Appliances for […]

Implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML for authentication in web applications | Web SAML SSO Authentication

Requirement: You have a web based solution/application that your customer utilizes.  The current use case is that users from your customer company registers with your web application for authentication and access to the application. This requires your web application to support a complete User Management Module (that supports user registration, authentication, Password reset and recovery […]

Oracle Database Architecture Overview

Download actual file from: Source: Oracle Database Architecture Overview PDF: Oracle_Architecture_handout.pdf Copy of the text for general public searching with keywords on internet. Oracle Database Architecture Overview Bjørn Engsig This one day course is intended to give people with good technical background and preferably some knowledge of Oracle an introduction to the architecture of […]

Tools for designing Architecture Diagrams with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Icons

AWS Simple Icons AWS Simple Icons are an official icon set that includes icons for several AWS products and resources. Customers and partners are permitted by AWS to use them to create architecture diagrams. The icons are designed to be simple so that you can easily incorporate them in your diagrams and put them in […]

A Sample Software Requirements Specification (SRS) developed according to (IEEE 830-1993)

  Table Of Contents Table of Contents 2 Document Revision History 3 1 Introduction 4   1 1 Purpose 4   1 2 Document Conventions 4   1 3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions 4   1 4 Product Scope 5   1 5 References 5 2 Overall Description 5   2 1 Product Perspective […]