VMWare Internals: Understanding how vMotion works

Understanding how vMotion works This is my first article on detailing VMWare Internals and in this article we discuss about how VMWare vMotion works and what happens in the background during the vMotion. About vMotion vMotion is one of the key feature of VMWare technology. vMotion is a live migration/movement of running Virtual Machines (VMs) […]


Citrix AppDNA: Importing, Analysing and Report Generation of Applications

Here are the sequence of steps that are involved in Importing, Analysing and Report Generation of Applications using Citrix AppDNA. Launch AppDNA > Click on “Import & Analyze” > Click Browse and locate your application installer via UNC path as shown below:    The Import Applications screen has three tabs: Direct Import – Use to […]

FIX: AppDNA Virtual Machine Configuration Check wizard hangs at Connecting to the RemoteAdmin agent…

Scenario: You attempt to import a .exe application which starts with Virtual Machine Configuration Check wizard.  You notice that this wizards being stuck up/hung at “Connecting to the RemoteAdmin agent…” step as shown below: Solution: The above issue happens If AppDNA server can’t connect to the VM and/or the “RemoteAdmin” service running on the VM. […]

Most Common Interview Questions and Answers on Citrix Technologies

Most Common Interview Questions and Answers on Citrix Technologies including XenApp, XenDesktop, Provisioning Services and NetScaler, etc., This is an attempt to make a list of typical questions you can expect in the initial technical round for Citrix Administrator, Engineer, L1, L2, L3 and SME positions.  Apparently most people can answer these questions just by […]

Setting up NetScaler lab environment from the scratch

Environment: You have existing Dev QA lab networked with ( IP addressing.  Your Dev QA network has access to public internet and it runs the Firewall that is going to be your Default Gateway both of your labs. You want to setup a NetScaler lab environment for your client systems in and allow […]

Troubleshooting XenDesktop Session connectivity error | The connection to "" failed with status (1030).

Error: —————————Desktop Viewer—————————The connection to “Windows7” failed with status (1030).—————————OK—————————   Environemnt: HTTPS web site serving external users. With Public cert from GoDaddy. NetScalar 10.1 Dedicated StoreFront server with HTML5 WebSockets support XenDesktop 7.6 XenServer 6.2 Provisioning Method: Machine Creation Services Windows 7 SP1 x64 bit Desktop VM Windows Activation using KMS Non-Persistent Static VMS […]

CloudDNS | A free provider for hosting your DNS zones in cloud

For a very small website owners, or for bloggers owing their couple VMs (in cloud spaces) hosting their websites, it a usual need to have a DNS zone setup for external/public access to their resources.  Most folks adopt for domain name/hosting providers who also service the DNS name resolutions/redirections at an extra annual charge.  It […]