VMWare Internals: Understanding how vMotion works

Understanding how vMotion works This is my first article on detailing VMWare Internals and in this article we discuss about how VMWare vMotion works and what happens in the background during the vMotion. About vMotion vMotion is one of the key feature of VMWare technology. vMotion is a live migration/movement of running Virtual Machines (VMs) between physical hosts with ZERO downtime and offering continuous service availability. It is transparent to the VM Guest OS & applications as well as to the end user.  The primary use case is to support manual load balancing of your ESX servers in cases like, […]

Citrix AppDNA: Importing, Analysing and Report Generation of Applications

Here are the sequence of steps that are involved in Importing, Analysing and Report Generation of Applications using Citrix AppDNA. Launch AppDNA > Click on “Import & Analyze” > Click Browse and locate your application installer via UNC path as shown below:    The Import Applications screen has three tabs: Direct Import – Use to import applications for which you have a Windows Installer (.msi) or App-V (.sft or .appv) package. This is the quickest way to get the application DNA into the database. Install Capture – Use to import applications for which you do not have a Windows installer […]

FIX: AppDNA Virtual Machine Configuration Check wizard hangs at Connecting to the RemoteAdmin agent…

Scenario: You attempt to import a .exe application which starts with Virtual Machine Configuration Check wizard.  You notice that this wizards being stuck up/hung at “Connecting to the RemoteAdmin agent…” step as shown below: Solution: The above issue happens If AppDNA server can’t connect to the VM and/or the “RemoteAdmin” service running on the VM. Most of the times below are the possible causes and fixes. The VM might be not UP/ONLINE. Make sure the VM is up and running fine and is accessible on the network. The RemoteAdmin agent service runs only when User logins to the VM. So, […]