PXE booting to RIS servers after migrating to WDS PXE in VM infrastructure

1.       Create a new VDI with a.       Latest NIC VMXNET3, you need latest version in order to boot to WDS server.  The default NIC ‘Flexible’ doesn’t work b.      Use SCSI controller of BUS logic. None of the latest LSI logic SCSI controller work with RIS builds 2.       Boot the VDI to Win7 build 3.       Have a computer account created with all the required options (through pre-setup.bat) 4.       Change the netbootMachineFilePath attribute to point to RIS build servers (say buildserver1.org.com). a.       AD object ‘Attribute Editor’ tab is not visible via dsa.msc, use adsiedit instead. b.      Move computer to respective AD site […]


Let’s troubleshoot VMware

Scenario#1: Logon to Virtual Center Server Fails with generic error “Unable to connect to remote server” Isolate if it’s a Networking issue adfind – Ensure the server name is typed correctly and is a valid Windows server in AD using adfind ping – Ensure the remote vCenter server is reachable using ping nslookup – Ensure the DNS entries are correct for the server by doing a nslo0kup FQDN – use FQDN JIC if some DNS Zones entries issues is around causing the network connectivity Isolate if it’s a Windows server issue telnet to 443 – Check the connectivity to the […]

Interview Questions VMWare L3 Administrator

Common Interview Questions VMWare L3 Administrator This is an attempt to make a list of typical questions you can expect in the initial technical round for VMWare administrator L3 positions.  Apparently most people can answer these questions just by preparation but it makes to the interviewer about how strong the candidate in basic overview. What will be your daily activities in VMWare What is the difference between VMWare and Hyper-V, when do you use one over the other When you encounter PSOD, what steps do you follow What do you do when you encounter “Failed to load, swap file not […]