Customize default behavior of New Session launch in WinSCP

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Requirements: Using WinSCP, you have navigated to a folder that has a lot many sub-folders to list.  WinSCP doesn’t respond until it completes the enumeration of all the sub-folders. This forces you to terminate/close the WinSCP program.  The trouble returns when you launch the WinSCP program as it again starts in the same folder where it was closed before and again becomes unresponsive. This is the default behavior of WinSCP and it doesn’t leave you with any other option then to just wait for WinSCP to complete the  sub-folders enumeration. Its a common practice that many website owners opt for […]

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Block Spam User Registration on WordPress – Users registering from Russia with email having

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Scenario: Spam User Registration on WordPress When you enable New User Registrations on your WordPress website, you end-up having a lot of spam (unexpected/unwanted) new user registration taking place. If you manually delete them,  they again gets recreated automatically the next day. Most of these spam new user  registration are reported from different locations within Russia.  Below are some of the spam users details from the logs. Also, most of them use the email address with domain as show from the logs below. Logs:  Logs showing spam user registering from Russia with email having Used an invalid username […]


Procedure to extend Windows System Partition with non-adjacent or non-contiguous unallocated Free space

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Scenario:  You have a single physical disk having System Partition, Data  Partition and some unallocated free space at the end.  Your System Partition gets filled and you want to extend it by adding the free unallocated space available on the same physical disk. Windows Disk Management tool doesn’t enable the “Extend Volume” option (i.e., “Extend Volume” option is greyed out as shown below) This behavior remains same irrespective of Unallocated space is just RAW of Formatted as FAT32/NTFS volume.                      Cause: In order to be able to extend a volume, the Unallocated free space must be on the same disk, […]