PowerShell Script to Split, Replace and Rename File Names in the Folder Recursively and in Bulk

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Important Note: The File renaming in bulk can result in dangerous results in not handled correctly.  This post is ONLY to share my learning’s to serve you as a guidance to build your own scripts for similar requirements.  Requirement: I had a folder which contained sub-folders and then files.  The naming convention of file names is “<string> –  <string> – <string>.mp4”.  Out of which the first String is too lengthy and common for all files which I wanted to get rid of it.  Script: function Rename-Files ($folder) {     $files = dir $folder | where {! $_.PsIsContainer}     # $files […]


Online booking to get MRI Scan at Best Price

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I needed to get MRI Lumber Spine scan done for my father recently.  I have had done it couple of times by directly reaching the Diagnostic centers by paying the full price on their catalogue as it was an emergency.  This time it isn’t an emergency, so I wanted to see a center close to my residence and have an appointment booked.  To my surprise the online booking on MRI Scan have completely changed the cost involved and offers you great flexibility to choose verified, certified center that is close to your location. To help you, below is the quick […]


Expired and NEW Citrix Certification Programs

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  Expired Certification Required Course New Certification Citrix Certified Associate – Virtualization (CCA – V) Citrix Certified Advanced Administrator for Citrix XenApp 6 (CCAA) Complete 1: · CXD-210: XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Administration · CMB-300: Deploy and Manage Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 Fast Track · CMB-310: XenApp, XenDesktop, and Provisioning Services 7.1x Administration (Fast Track) CCA – V Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization (CCP – V) Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE) Complete 1: · CXD-310: Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Advanced Administration · CMB-310: XenApp, XenDesktop, and Provisioning Services 7.1x Administration (Fast Track) + CXD-303: Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Optimization […]