Recover data from a partition whose Master File table is corrupted

Refer to for basic details. While accessing a drive you may receive a systray warning stating that Windows delayed write failed and $mft folder data is lost. To quickly rescue your data from further loss, you can perform NT Backup. To fix the $mft file, run chkdsk [disk:] /f /v If it doesn’t fix, then run file recovery and diagnostic tools provided by disk vendor if still they, fail notify the vendor to rescue the data If data is not critical, you can simply opt for formatting which make the disk afresh. -Govardhan Advertisements


Introduction to Forex

Why Forex? It’s a never-ending and never-halted venue to make money as well asbusiness. When you have clear strategy/experience/information in your arsenal you can make quickly make money with as little effort as possible. What you need to become a Forex trader? A hassle-free online Forex trading account. More importantly a thorough learning in a demo account to get acquainted with the use of a vendor-specific trading platform. If you’re wanting to look at initially purchasing cryptocurrencies, you can look at various cryptos, for example, you can buy bitcoin with bank account as well as many other options available online […]

Fly E145 PC Suite English version

In below review posts of Fly E145 every user of this phone deadly needed it’s PC suite to manage.  After following up with their support, I finally got a working copy of Fly E145 PC suite software of English version and it’s working fine. I’ve requested the support to make the same available on their website for public usage.  In case, if any of you need the software contact Fly support. You can find the Fly E145 PC Suite software here, please note that you are responsible for the licensing terms of this software and use it at your own […]