Citrix AppDNA: Importing, Analysing and Report Generation of Applications

Here are the sequence of steps that are involved in Importing, Analysing and Report Generation of Applications using Citrix AppDNA. Launch AppDNA > Click on “Import & Analyze” > Click Browse and locate your application installer via UNC path as shown below:    The Import Applications screen has three tabs: Direct Import – Use to […]


FIX: AppDNA Virtual Machine Configuration Check wizard hangs at Connecting to the RemoteAdmin agent…

Scenario: You attempt to import a .exe application which starts with Virtual Machine Configuration Check wizard.  You notice that this wizards being stuck up/hung at “Connecting to the RemoteAdmin agent…” step as shown below: Solution: The above issue happens If AppDNA server can’t connect to the VM and/or the “RemoteAdmin” service running on the VM. […]

Screencast of Installing and Configuring Citrix AppDNA 7.6

Notes: AppDNA Installer takes around 25 minutes to complete the installation. You need to have either Microsoft SQL or Microsoft SQL Express installed.  You need to have full access on your Database to connect and created the AppDNA DB. If you are manually pre-creating the DB, then ensure you set the DB Collation Options as […]