Move WordPress Blog from AWS Instance to GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

Here are the steps to move your WordPress blog website setup off from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Windows Server 2012 instance to GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting.   Amazon Web Services (AWS) Windows Server 2012 instance: Backup your WordPress IIS Web Folder Backup your WordPress MySQL DB using Export to Dump Project Folder (recommended if you have large size tables in your DB, generates .SQL file for each table, using this .SQL file you can recreate the same table on other DBs) Export to Self-Contained File (recommended for small size tables usually for small websites, so that all tables data will […]


Recovering MySQL DataBases on AWS instance after an unexpected server crash and without backups

Its possible that an AWS instance can run into various issues of unexpected crashes or can even be a case where you lost connectivity to your instance possibly due to network/firewall issue at AWS level or within your instance.  In either of these cases, you’d have no choice than to re-configure your solution on a new instances.  However, you will not have even an option to backup your MySQL DB that is running on the instance that is inaccessible. If you have planned good and configured your WAMP solution in a way that MySQL DB Data files are relocated to […]