Quick Notes for : Windows Server 2012 Certification

Classification Set-GPLink: Enabled Enforced Order (Precedence) Set-GPInheritence Set-GPPermission Assignment to Security Groups Connect to 2008 R2 SP1 from 2012: Install .Net4 WMF 3.0 Set PS ExecutionPolicy to RemoteSigned enable WinRM by Configure-SMRemoting.ps1 script DCClone: SysRoot\NTDS\DCCloneConfig.xml SysRoot\NTDS\CustomDCCloneConfig.xml   No.of Trusts: N(N-1) Central Access Policy and Rules Conditional Expression and Classification tab on File security tab Hyper-v Replica Broker, Cluster <-> Replicas SSL certificate store for Web site IPAM DHCP iSCSI initiator and Connector target ID Online backup cmdlets Start-OBRegsitration Set-OBMachineSetting Advertisements