Rails Application/Project structure and folder layout specification

File/Folder Purpose app/ Contains the controllers, models, views, helpers, mailers and assets for your application. You’ll focus on this folder for the remainder of this guide. bin/ Contains the rails script that starts your app and can contain other scripts you use to deploy or run your application. config/ Configure your application’s runtime rules, routes, database, and more. This is covered in more detail in Configuring Rails Applications config.ru Rack configuration for Rack based servers used to start the application. db/ Contains your current database schema, as well as the database migrations. Gemfile Gemfile.lock These files allow you to specify […]

Installing and Configuring EasyEclipse IDE for Ruby and Rails running on Windows x64-bit system

Download EasyEclipse from http://www.easyeclipse.org/site/distributions/index.html Install the application easyeclipse-ruby-rails- Launch the EasyEclipse Application Create new Rails Project: File > New > Rails Project Provide a name for the Project The EasyEclipse fails to create actual Rails project as its using older syntax in case if you have Rails of latest version. To create actual Rails Project: Goto Rails command prompt > command: rails new <projectname> < p>Since then your EasyEclipse will start fetching actual rails project files and manages them.

Configuring Ruby 2.0.0 x64 on Windows 7 x64 bit system Running CygWin Installation

After you install Ruby 2.0.0 on a CygWin installed system and if you attempt to run the Ruby commands in normal command prompt it fails to find the Ruby. This happens if Ruby ins nowhere in your PATH environment variable.  In case, if Cygwin is in your PATH it will try to run a Cygwin version of Ruby.   In command prompt: C:>which ruby /usr/bin/ruby C:>   In Ruby Command Prompt: C:>which ruby /cygdrive/c/Ruby200-x64/bin/ruby C:>     FIX: Set Ruby installation location C:Ruby200-x64bin to System Environment Variable PATH.   Then in normal command prompt as well you’ll see system picking […]