FIX: The request does not contain a certificate template extension or the CertificateTemplate request attribute

Scenario: You require to generate a SSL Certificate from your enterprise CA to implement SSL communication for a web site on your Web Server.  You are running your web site under IIS on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Web server.  You have your enterprise CA hosted on Windows Server 2012 within your domain.  You create […]


Evaluating Web Filter Appliances

Evaluating Web Filter Appliances Most of the enterprises would fall in need to enforcing restrictions and controlled access to internet for their users.  Establishing such a compliance among distributed users community in an enterprise requires a comprehensive solution.  Here am going to detail on various aspects to be considered for evaluating Web Filter Appliances for […]

The Sentinel64 service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the device specified.

You notice that below event is repeatedly logged on your Windows System event log upon every restart of the system.  Here are couple of details I gathered which may come handy for someone looking for it. Error: Log Name:      SystemSource:        Sentinel64Event ID:      19Task Category: NoneLevel:         WarningKeywords:      ClassicUser:          N/AComputer:      TESTSRV2Description:The description for Event ID 19 from […]

Certificate Requirements for Setting up AD FS (Active Directory Federation Services)

Certificate Requirements for Setting up AD FS During my recent evaluation of AD FS, I have gone through various articles but there wasn’t any clear mention or details about how the certificates be configured for AD FS.  Here is my attempt to share all of my learning and how I got it setup working.  I […]

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) Reporting: SQL Stored Procedure to Generate Monthly Reports

It’s the security officers responsibility to overview the firm’s infrastructure risk exposure and trends in real time. Unfortunately, none of the industry leading security products has a feature to create a consolidated risk report that can help the top security officers to review and keep track with risk events. As I’ve great exposure into SEP […]

Viewing and Analyzing the Executables (.exe)/Console Applications developed in .Net without Source Code

Most of the .Net developers would probably know, how to view or analyze a third party console application that is developed in .Net.  This capability/skill would be required for various other roles like application re-packagers/integrators and Security Analysts/Researchers, etc.,.  Here I’d be briefing about how to view the compiled Intermediate Language (IL) (Microsoft calls as […]

Gmail Security Checklist

Part 1: Your computer Part 2: Your browser Part 3: Your Google Account Part 4: Your Gmail settings Part 5: Final reminders Part 1: Your computer   Check for viruses and malware Read more While no virus scanner can catch 100% of infections, it is still important to run a scan on your computer with […]