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Block Spam User Registration on WordPress – Users registering from Russia with email having mail.ru

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Scenario: Spam User Registration on WordPress When you enable New User Registrations on your WordPress website, you end-up having a lot of spam (unexpected/unwanted) new user registration taking place. If you manually delete them,  they again gets recreated automatically the next day. Most of these spam new user  registration are reported from different locations within Russia.  Below are some of the spam users details from the logs. Also, most of them use the email address with mail.ru domain as show from the logs below. Logs:  Logs showing spam user registering from Russia with email having mail.ru Used an invalid username […]


FIX: The request does not contain a certificate template extension or the CertificateTemplate request attribute

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Scenario: You require to generate a SSL Certificate from your enterprise CA to implement SSL communication for a web site on your Web Server.  You are running your web site under IIS on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Web server.  You have your enterprise CA hosted on Windows Server 2012 within your domain.  You create a Certificate request .Req file using “Create Certificate Request…” from IIS and use that .Req file on your CA console to submit the request using “Submit new request…” option, then your CA console reports the below mentioned error message and doesn’t generate you a certificate […]


Evaluating Web Filter Appliances

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Evaluating Web Filter Appliances Most of the enterprises would fall in need to enforcing restrictions and controlled access to internet for their users.  Establishing such a compliance among distributed users community in an enterprise requires a comprehensive solution.  Here am going to detail on various aspects to be considered for evaluating Web Filter Appliances for enterprises. Evaluation Criteria: Understand your internet access Policy and infrastructure requirements. What would be your internet access policy? Block all and allow only known or given specific list of web sites? Block unintended categories of web sites and create exclusions for your specific pages? Do […]