Setup or Migrate Postfix SMTP relay server on CentOS 6.5

Scenario: You have a External SMTP relay host configured on older and physical Linux box which you would like to migrate to CentOS host in a virtualized environment. The older Linux box running on Ubuntu 6.06 + Postfix 2.2.10.  You want to migrate it to a virtual machine running CentOS 6.5 + Postfix 2.6.6. OS […]


Configuring On-Premise Linux Postfix SMTP Relay Server to Communicate with Office 365 SMTP Relay for email delivery

Scenario:   You have various automation and reporting solutions setup that use an On-Premise Linux Postfix SMTP Servers and relays all the automated email through your On-Premise Exchange server.  You are migrating your Microsoft Exchange from On-Premise Exchange server to Office 365.  You are now required to configure all your On-Premise Linux Postfix SMTP Servers […]