Configuring XenDesktop 7 on Windows Server 2012

Creating new Site:     Configuring Licensing:     Add Hosting Details: In order to enable XenDesktop 7 to communicate to VMware ESXi Host via it’s management server vCenter, you need to allow both Http as well as HTTPS access on vCenter to the ESXi host. Refer to Fix: Cannot connect to the VCenter server due to a certificate error for detailed list of issues that may arise otherwise.   Ensure that you have proper SSL certificate addition done for vCenter server certificate your XenDesktop server.     Create Machine Catalog:   If you don’t have a Hypervisor host added, […]

Installing all of Server Roles and Features on single Windows Server 2012? Understanding the exceptions and special cases

I have got all of the Windows Server Roles installed on a single Windows Server 2012 as shown below, except for Hyper-V as it couldn’t be installed in a virtualized system. Exceptions and Special Cases: Installing Hyper-V Server Role on a Virtualized Windows Server 2012 is not allowed: Thus installing “Remote Desktop Virtualization Host” Role as well NOT allowed on a Virtual windows Server 2012 since the depended Hyper-V role can’t be installed.     Federation Service and Federation Service Proxy Roles can’t be installed on the same server:   Database and WID Database features are not allowed on the […]