Block Spam User Registration on WordPress – Users registering from Russia with email having

Scenario: Spam User Registration on WordPress When you enable New User Registrations on your WordPress website, you end-up having a lot of spam (unexpected/unwanted) new user registration taking place. If you manually delete them,  they again gets recreated automatically the next day. Most of these spam new user  registration are reported from different locations within Russia.  Below are some of the spam users details from the logs. Also, most of them use the email address with domain as show from the logs below. Logs:  Logs showing spam user registering from Russia with email having Used an invalid username […]

Setup FTP Connection for WordPress upgrade

Scenario: You have WordPress site running on a Windows Server When you attempt to update your WordPress installation to the latest available version it results in a prompt to specify the Connection Information using FTP. Solution: Enable FTP feature on your Windows Server under Web Server (IIS) Server Role. Download and Install FileZilla Server on your WordPress server Logon to FTP service as local administrator in the login box as shown below                                                                                               . Create a New FTP user as shown below:                                                                                                                    . Assign at least one Shared Folder for newly created FTP user.  Ensure that you enable full permissions for […]

FIX: WordPress upgrade stuck up in maintenance mode

Scenario: You are upgrading WordPress site from 4.4.2 to the latest 4.6.1 Your WordPress site hosted on a Windows Server running the IIS You have chosen and setup the FTP Connection to download the update files on the local server itself Upon clicking update to WordPress 4.6.1, you’ll see the upgrade is able to download, unpack the installer files.  However,  the upgrade just remains on the step of “Enabling Maintenance Mode..” There is NO .maintenance file existing in your WordPress root path Solution: This behaviour results since upgrade process being unable to create the .maintenance file under your WordPress root […]