Troubleshooting XenDesktop Session connectivity error | The connection to "" failed with status (1030).

Error: —————————Desktop Viewer—————————The connection to “Windows7” failed with status (1030).—————————OK—————————   Environemnt: HTTPS web site serving external users. With Public cert from GoDaddy. NetScalar 10.1 Dedicated StoreFront server with HTML5 WebSockets support XenDesktop 7.6 XenServer 6.2 Provisioning Method: Machine Creation Services Windows 7 SP1 x64 bit Desktop VM Windows Activation using KMS Non-Persistent Static VMS   Troubleshooting: Whenever, user clicks on launch it results in 1030 error User attempts to reconnect to a already disconnected session For the same user it works fine from other system that is in different network It works for users from HTML5 or Receiver 14.1

Troubleshooting XenDesktop | Desktop Viewer Hangs on Connecting…

Scenario: When you launch a XenDesktop session, it hangs on “Connecting…” status forever.  This occurs only to a particular user whiles other users are able to get the XenDesktop sessions from same delivery group. Environment: Using XenDesktop 7.5 User Receiver version Using MCS XenServer 6.2 for VMs Hypervisor in a Pool with HA enabled iSCSI storage for VM locations Using Windows 7 SP1 desktop image VDA Static and Non-persistent desktop type   Troubleshooting: When you logon to Desktop Delivery Controller, you notice that VM assigned for the reported user is showing up as Powered Off and “Unregistered” as […]