About Rama

To speak about Rama is to speak about his qualities, he followed below listed #16 extraordinary qualities as a normal human being and laid path for human to achieve them.

Qualities of Rama:

  1.   GUNAHVAAN = principled person,
  2.   VEERYAVAAN = potential one,
  3.   DHARMAGNASYA  = conscientious, Characterized by extreme care and great effort
  4.   KRUTAGNASYA = knower of what has been done [a redeemer,]
  5.   SATYAVAAKO = one who speaks only truth
  6.   DRUDHAVRATA = firm resolved, determined in his deed
  7.   CHARITRAKA = character, conduct-wise
  8.   SARVABUTESHUKOHITAHA = in [respect of] all, beings, a benign one.
  9.   VIDVAAN = an adept one
  10.   SAMARTAHASYA = an ablest one,
  11.   PRIYADARSHANAHA = uniquely, goodly, to look always in all attires at all times,
  12.   AATMAVAN = one who has mastered his aatma, courageous
  13.   JITHAKRODHO = one who mastered, his ire/anger,
  14.   DHYUTHIMAN = brilliant one,
  15.   ANASUYAKAH = not jealous,
  16.   KASYA BIBYATI DEVAASCHYA JAATA ROSHASYA SAMYUGE = caused, in whom anger – when he is provoked; in war even gods are afraid
    In words of Valmiki, who inquires Naradamuni to tell about the human who has all these qualities. This is a first verse of the Valmiki Ramayanam.

kaH nu asmin sa.mpratam loke guNavaan kaH ca viiryavaan |
dharmaj~naH ca kR^itaj~naH ca satya vaakyo dhR^iDha vrataH

caaritreNa ca ko yuk{}taH sa.rva bhUteSu ko hitaH |
vidvaan kaH kaH samarthaH ca kaH ca eka priya darshanaH


p>aatmavaan ko jita krodho dyutimaan kaH anasuuyakaH |
kasya bibhyati devaaH ca jaata roSasya sa.myuge


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