RemoteFX: delivers a full Windows user experience for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Microsoft RemoteFX is a new feature that is included in Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 (SP1). It introduces a set of end-user experience enhancements for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that enable a rich desktop environment within your corporate network.


Microsoft® RemoteFX™ enables the delivery of a full Windows user experience to a range of client devices including rich clients, thin clients, and ultrathin clients. RemoteFX delivers a rich user experience for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) by providing a 3D virtual adapter, intelligent codecs, and the ability to redirect USB devices in virtual machines. RemoteFX is integrated with the RDP protocol, which enables shared encryption, authentication, management, and device support. RemoteFX also delivers a rich user experience for session-based desktops and RemoteApp programs to a broad range of client devices.


The new functionality that is provided by RemoteFX is described in the following sections:

  1. Host side rendering
  2. GPU Virtualization
  3. Intelligent Screen Capture
  4. RemoteFX Encoder
  5. RemoteFX Decoder
  6. RemoteFX for Remote Desktop Session Host
  7. RemoteFX USB Redirection


    The following services are added when RemoteFX is enabled:

    • RemoteFX Session Manager: Provides startup services for RemoteFX
    • RemoteFX Session Licensing: Responsible for license validation and issuance for RemoteFX sessions
    Group Policy settings



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