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For a very small website owners, or for bloggers owing their couple VMs (in cloud spaces) hosting their websites, it a usual need to have a DNS zone setup for external/public access to their resources.  Most folks adopt for domain name/hosting providers who also service the DNS name resolutions/redirections at an extra annual charge.  It all works fine.

Nut just for a one/two name resolutions do you really want to pay for a separate name resolution service? Particularly for single website owners it an overhead. Here comes the CloudDNS to make a relief.  On CloudDNS you can freely host upto 3 DNS zone that is served quickly across the world via their cloud DNS systems presence across the globe.

You can refer to their FREE service offering here: 

Let me show what basic DNS entries you’d need for setting up a website that reaches your Web server.

  1. You’ll buy/purchase a your domain name (say from the domain name registrars like GoDaddy, NetworkSolutions, etc.,
  2. During domain name registration, you’ll provide atleast two name servers which shall resolve any names or queries for your domain name on the internet.
  3. As we are choosing CloudDNS as the name resolution provider, you’ll mention the CloudDNS Name Servers for your domain as shown below                     image
  • Now, create a new DNS Zone for your domain say virtaulblog.comimage
  • Then you’ll be on your DNS zone file where you can create various types of DNS records.image
  • To make your website with default www prefix, you’ll need to create your first DNS record of type “A” record that points to a host (your web server) as shown below. You need to be providing one of your external/public IP address which you’ll point to the internal IP address of your web server in your network firewall/load balancer.     image
  • Now, if you access from anywhere on the internet, it’ll resolve to your IP address.
  • With this, you name have an externally resolvable website address.
  • For most of the website, it’s often common practice to redirect the web requests for domain name to the www host URL. That is, if anyone tries to access website with name you want them to be reaching your website that is running on
  • For that, you need to create a Web Redirect (WR) DNS record as shown belowimage
  • Your DNS Zone records look like:       image
  • You can also export your DNS Zone fileimage
  • <

    p>$TTL 3600
    @    IN    SOA 2014111304 7200 1800 1209600 3600
        3600    IN    NS
        3600    IN    NS
        3600    IN    NS
        3600    IN    NS
        3600    IN    A
        3600    IN    A
        3600    IN    AAAA    2a00:1768:1001:9::10
    www    3600    IN    A

  • That’s all.  You now have your domain name and domain web server URL both pointing to your Web server externally.  This is all for free.
  • You may want to explore more about CloudDNS on their website:
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